Welcome to Gallowstree Press. We’re delighted to be able to offer our work here, where readers can connect with us directly. Right now, we’re only able to offer Laura’s new work and backlist, but we hope to include Pinckney’s work very soon. The fiction here is dark, and sometimes horrific–but never, ever dull. Enjoy!
–Pinckney and Laura Benedict

Available titles from Gallowstree Press:


Devil’s Oven

A lonely seamstress creates the perfect man, only to have him escape her control and terrorize her small Appalachian town. read more and purchase . . .

Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts

Four childhood friends pay a terrifying, demonic price for ruining the life of a young priest. read more and purchase . . . 

Isabella Moon

The ghost of a missing girl looking for justice torments a woman on the run from her past. read more and purchase . . .


Short Fiction
(coming soon)

The Erstwhile Groom

Like father like daughter. Murderous secrets in the darkest room in the basement.

For Housekeeping

The special relationship between a hotel maid and her favorite (dead) guests.

Witches, All

A beautiful, obliging fan shows up at a musician’s dressing room door, driving him into spiraling madness.

Five Revelations

When a woman unwittingly takes a child home to meet her death, she can only wish that things might have happened differently.

The Hollow Woman

An irritating neighbor, an exhausted new mother, and a cake.

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